Cannot boot in normal mode after installing PC Cleaner

Please note that PC Cleaner Pro has a very specific function: fixing registry entries found by the scan. However, the fact that your computer malfunctioned after running PC Cleaner Pro, is probably due to other factors such as: bad-sectors on your harddrive, spyware or conflicts after the registry errors were fixed.

In order to determine whether the issues you are encountering are due to recent changes to your computer or else due to problems with files/hard drive, you can try the following options:

1.) Restore your system using system restore in safe mode.

To enter safe mode press F8 on the keyboard before Windows starts loading and select Safe Mode with Networking from the list of options.

2.) If the procedure above does not work:

1. Reboot the computer.

2. Near the end of the BIOS messages or graphic, but well before anything appears from Windows, press the F8 key. You may only have a few seconds to get the right spot to press F8 before it attempts to go into Windows. If the BIOS complains about a pressed key or asks you to go into BIOS setup, you've pressed F8 too soon (Don't go into BIOS setup).

3. When successful, you should see a back screen with white text "Windows Advanced Options". Use the up or down arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter.

After, please follow the procedure below:

1) Run ScanDisk in the following method

A. Open My Computer

B. Right-click on drive c:

C. Select the Properties tab then click on "tools".

D. Click the "Check Now" button

E. Select both check-boxes (Automatically fix & Scan for bad sectors)

F. Click "Start" button. If instructed, restart you computer so as the hard-disk scan is performed during boot-up

2) Once the above is finished Run Defrag

A. Repeat steps 1a - 1c

B. Click on "Defragment Now" button

C. Click on "Defragment" to start the process

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