How to optimize the browser

Optimizing the browser is the first step that should be done to the following issues:

- Page error on some websites
- Redirecting to other websites
- Cannot view some parts of a website

For Internet Explorer
1. Make sure you only have one opened window of Internet explorer.
2. Click Tools --> Internet Options(If you can't find Tools, press on the Alt key)
3. Click on the advanced tab.
4. Click Reset.
5. Click Close.
6. Restart Internet Explorer.

For Mozilla Firefox
1. Click Tools (If you can't find Tools, press on the Alt key)
2. Click Clear Recent History
3. Choose Everything on the drop down menu.
4. Click OK.
5. Restart Mozilla Firefox

For Google Chrome
1. Click Tools (Wrench icon)
2. Click Options
3. Under the Under the Hood tab, click on Clear Browsing Data.
4. Click the Clear Browsing data button.
5. Restart Google Chrome

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